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High Performance Products!

HT YFOILSS click to order

Yamaha stainless steel power coated  foil with Yamaha logo  Stainless mounting kit included.

Yamaha ECU upgrades!

Call for pricing, send ECU in with model and serial number and return information. Turn around time is usually 24 hours! Other models available soon.

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Heavy Duty Propshaft for SHO and HPDI
Yamaha Heavy Duty Propshaft for SHO and HPDI gearcases. This is the cure for those broken propshafts from surfacing props and gearcases. Kit comes with bearing carrier, bearing, seals, oring, and of course the Heavy Duty (Fatshaft) Propshaft! 

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  • HT 9800 Heavy Duty Propshaft Kit (Application: VF200, VF225, VF250, F225XCA, F250XCA, F250UCA, F300XCA, F300UCA)
  • HT 9801 Heavy Duty Propshaft Kit (Application: All 3.3L HPDI gearcases)

3.1 Liter phase I kit.jpg (65109 bytes)

3.1 Liter Phase II kit.jpg (58172 bytes)

3.3 L Phase I kit.jpg (60491 bytes)

3.3 L Phase Kit II.jpg (68386 bytes)

Phase Kits     click on red to order

VMAX  150 / 175 Carb (1996-2009)

HT 3350 Phase I Pro V / VMAX 150/175

HT 3352 Phase II Pro V / VMAX 150/175

VMAX / Salt-water 150/200 2.6 Liter EFI (2000-2004)

HT 3620 Phase I 2.6 Liter EFI     

HT 3630 Phase II 2.6 Liter EFI 

VMAX / Salt-water 150/175/200 2.6 Liter HPDI (2000-current)

HT 3600 Phase I 2.6 Liter HPDI*** 

HT 3610 Phase II 2.6 Liter HPDI*** 

HT 3611 Phase III 2.6 Liter HPDI ****

VMAX / Salt-water 200/225/250 3.1 Liter EFI (1997-2005)

HT 3410 Phase I 3.1 Liter EFI

HT 3420 Phase II 3.1 Liter EFI

HT 3430 Phase III 3.1 Liter EFI ****

VMAX / Salt-water 200/225/250/300 3.3 Liter HPDI (2002-2009)

HT 3500 Phase I 3.3 Liter HPDI***

HT 3510 Phase II 3.3 Liter HPDI***

HT 3520 Phase III 3.3 Liter HPDI****  

***advance core on heads

****advance core on throttle body 

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Phase Kits     click on red to order

1987-2002 25-30hp Yamaha 3 cyl (adds 10-20hp)

HT 3087 Phase Kit

1984-94 40hp Yamaha 3 cyl (adds 20hp)

HT 4084 Phase Kit

1995-2009 40hp Yamaha 3 Cyl (adds 20hp)

HT 4095 Phase Kit  

1984-94 50hp Yamaha 3 cyl (adds 10hp)

HT 5084 Phase Kit

1995-2009 50hp Yamaha 3 cyl (adds 10hp)

HT 5095 Phase Kit

1991-2006 60hp Yamaha 3 cyl (adds 20hp)

HT 6084 Phase Kit

1984-2009 70hp Yamaha 3 cyl (adds 10hp)

HT 7084 Phase Kit

1984-2009 75-85-90hp Yamaha 3 cyl (adds 10-25hp)

HT 9084 Phase Kit

HT 8200kit.JPG (530587 bytes)

HT 8390kit.JPG (536052 bytes)

HT 8500kit.JPG (472329 bytes)

High Perf Head Kits

HT 8330kit 25/30hp (does not include jets) 

HT 8350kit 1984-94 40/50hp (does not include jets) 

HT 8355kit 1994-09 40/50hp (does not include jets)

HT 8370kit P60/70hp (does not include jets)

HT 8390kit C75/C85/90hp (does not include jets) 

HT 8300kit V4 115/130hp

HT 8200kit 2.6L Carb/EFI (does not include jets)

HT 8600kit 2.6L HPDI (advance core)

HT 8500kit 3.1L Carb/EFI (does not include jets)

HT 8700kit 3.3L HPDI (advance core)

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HT 5300kit.JPG (416737 bytes)

HT 5230kit.JPG (452968 bytes)

High Perf Tuner Kits

HT 5210kit 25/30hp                                 

HT 5200Skit 15 inch 40/50hp

HT 5200kit 20 inch 40/50hp                               

HT 5220kit 60/70hp                                  

HT 5230kit C75/C85/90hp

HT 5400kit 2.6L1984-2009

HT 5300kit 3.1L/3.3L 1997-2009

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Velocity Stacks

HT 7450 Adds 5 to 10 HP depending on model and application. Fits 2.6L, 3.1L, and 3.3L EFI and HPDI models. Allows engine to breath and draw intake air more efficiently! A perfect match for the big bore throttle body!  $250.00 

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Light Weight Flywheel

Impressive performance through out the power band! Add performance to your hole-shot, mid range, and top end with a lightened flywheel by Hydro Tec! Flywheels available for all models V4, 2.6L, 3.1L, and 3.3L. $450.00 Exchange (must have core) 

High Performance Intake Spacer Kit

HT 7500 EFI* / HT 7550 HPDI* High Performance Spacer Kit fits between your throttle body and reed plate and delivers 8 to 10 hp on several models. (2.6L EFI, 2.6L HPDI, 3.1L EFI, and 3.3L HPDI). Kit includes spacer plate, bolts, washers, linkage, gaskets, and high pressure hose. 

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Big Bore Throttle Body *click on red to order on line

HT 7400* Big Bore Throttle Body fits all 2.6L, 3.1L, and 3.3L EFI & HPDI. $795.00 Exchange (must have core) 

*click on red to order on line

Carbs and Intake

HT 6100 Big bore carbs 2.6L/exchange set $400
HT 6200 Big bore carbs V4/exchange set $300
HT 6300 Big bore carbs 3cyl/exchange set $275
HT 6950 2.6L Modified intake exch. price $299
Jetting extra

High Performance Reeds*click on red to order on line

HT 6700cf 8 Port 2.6L Carbon Fiber reed set
HT 6701cf 10 Port 2.6L EFI & 3.1L Carbon Fiber set 

HT 6600cf 12 Port 3.3L Carbon Fiber reed set

HT 6720cf 4 Port 2.6L Carbon Fiber reed

HT 6750cf 8 Port V4  reed set
HT 6800 25,30,40,50,Pro 50 reed set
HT 6850 70,C75,C85,90 reed set

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High Performance Heads*click on red to order on line

HT 8200 2.6L Carb/EFI head set
HT 8500 3.1L EFI head
HT 8600 2.6L HPDI head (advanced core only)

HT 8700 3.3L HPDI head (advanced core only)

HT 8300 V4 head set
HT 8330 25/30hp head

HT 8350kit 40/50hp head (1984-1994)

HT 8355 40/50hp head (1995-current)
HT 8370 70hp head
HT 8390 90hp head

Does not include jets or gaskets

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Solid Mounts*click on red title to order on line

HT 9520 Solid engine mounts set of 4 SHO 200, 225, 250 hp

HT 9510 Solid engine mounts set of 4 3.1L & 3.3L
HT 9500 Solid engine mounts set of 4 V4 & 2.6L

Exhaust and Lower Unit

HT 5200S Megaphone tuner 40/50 HP/SS 15"
HT 5200 Megaphone tuner 40/50 HP

HT 5220 Megaphone tuner 70 HP
HT 5230 Megaphone tuner 90 HP

HT 5400 High Perf tuner 2.6L V6 "NEW"
HT 5300 3.1L & 3.3L High performance tuner

HT 5115 High Perf Tuner 115hp 1986-current

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Yamaha HPDI Gearcase Mod

Gained 6 mph on a 2008 Stroker with a stock Yamaha 250 HPDI. Modification includes 4 water inlet holes, mods to existing water inlet, torque tamer, skeg, and cresent edge of gearcase. It can be painted or left as pictured. $550.00 plus shipping. Call for shipping charges.

Light Weight Cowlings 2.6L pre-1996

HT 4100 Light weight cowling assembly
(upper & lower) pre-1996 $1,025
HT 4150 Light weight upper only pre-1996 $710
HT 4175 Light weight lower only pre-1996 $375

Allow 10 to 15 days to ship

Light Weight Cowlings 2.6L 1996 and newer

HT 4200 Light weight cowling upper only
1996-newer (2.6 only) $710


Allow 10 to 15 days to ship

3.1L LW cowling2.jpg

Light Weight Cowlings 3.1L 1997 and newer

HT 4300 Light weight cowling upper only
1997-newer (3.1L only) $710


Allow 10 to 15 days to ship

Fuel Injector Cleaning and Analyzer
Send us your Fuel Injectors from any Brand of Outboard (Yamaha EFI and HPDI, Mercury EFI and Opti-Max, Evinrude, Johnson, Honda, etc.) and we will flow and analyze injectors. We will then clean and back flow them in our Ultra-sonic cleaner and install new filters. Give your customers assurance that their outboard is tuned to perfection! Introductory Price $25.00 per Injector!

(Hydro Tec returns each injector with spec sheet that includes performance at low, med, and high speed performance)

Machine Shop Labor

Nikasil / Chrome sleeve service  (call for quote)
Modify reed blocks (advance core)           300
Modify 3.1L, 3.3L, & 2.6L heads (advance)           300
Port and blueprint V6        1,500
Port and blueprint V4        1,200
Port and blueprint 3 Cyl.           1,000
Boring each Cyl.             50
Precision hone each Cyl.               10
Re-sleeve each Cyl. (includes steel sleeve)           275
Dyno Testing           400
Dyno Room.jpg (64103 bytes)

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Rottler HP6A.jpg (68358 bytes)

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No Warranties Apply To HP Parts!

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