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High Performance Products!

Hydro Tec is known as an expert when it comes to Yamaha, but for years we have built and supplied winning products for Mercury Race Teams. Since 1999 we have been involved with winning teams in the Formula One PROP Tour, F1, F2 (SST120). We have many satisfied Mercury customers both as racers and weekend warriors!  

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Mercury 3.0L & 3.2L heads 

High Perf Machining with orings cut to use OEM orings. Available for all 3.0L & 3.2L models. Increases HP with pump gas! Requires advance core. $400.00

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HT 5525 3.0L & 3.2L Exhaust Tuner 

Fits all 3.0L & 3.2L Mercury and adds 10 to 15 hp depends on model. $299.00


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HT 9570 Poppet Diverter

Diverts poppet water out of the midsection.
Helps with holeshot, acceleration, and top end. Fits all 3.0L & 3.2L Mercury outboards. $245.00

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HT 5530 3.0L Merc 4 Seal Housing

Fits all 3.0L Mercury Sportmaster and Torquemaster gearcases!  Helps keep water out. $200.00

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HT 5540 3.0L Merc Vent Kit

Fits all 3.0L Mercury Sportmaster and Torquemaster gearcases!  Helps keep water out and vents lube to holding tube. $279.00

High Performance Carbon Fiber Reeds
Part # Application Retail

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40, 50, 60 hp 3 cyl flower petal  $ 250
HT 6265CF

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5 petal 2.4L, SST 120, 150 EFI OG502499-below  $ 250
HT 6264CF

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4 petal SST 120, 150 EFI OG502500-up, 200 EFI OG610050 - OG857000  $ 225
HT 6266CF

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6 petal 3.0L 225 carb, 225 EFI, 225 DFI, 250 XB, 300 ProMax,  $ 260
HT 6267CF

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7 Petal Champ, F1, 2.4L EFI, 2.5L EFI, 225 EFI  $ 250
HT 6255CF

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5 large petal Sport Jet,  Champ, F1, 2.4L EFI, 2.5L centerhorn  $ 320


5 large petal , 250XS, 300XS, 300X  $ 320


Fuel Injector Cleaning and Analyzer
Send us your Fuel Injectors from any Brand of Outboard (Yamaha EFI and HPDI, Mercury EFI and Opti-Max, Evinrude,  Johnson, Honda, etc.) and we will flow and analyze injectors. We will then clean and back flow them in our Ultra-sonic cleaner and install new filters. Give your customers assurance that their outboard is tuned to perfection! Introductory Price $25.00 per Injector!

(Hydro Tec returns each injector with spec sheet that includes performance at low, med, and high speed performance)

Machine Shop Labor

Nikasil / Chrome sleeve service  (call for quote)
Modify reed blocks (advance core)           300
Modify 2.5L, 3.0L heads (advance)           300
Port and blueprint V6        1,500
Port and blueprint 3 Cyl.           1,000
Boring each Cyl.             50
Precision hone each Cyl.               9
Re-sleeve each Cyl. (includes steel sleeve)           275
Dyno Testing           400
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No Warranties Apply To HP Parts!

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